Trish Stratus Names Match Type She Wants To Compete In

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Trish Stratus has done many things in her storied wrestling career, but there’s at least one match stipulation she has yet to experience.

Trish Stratus’ original WWE run lasted only six years, but in that time she accomplished a lot. She went from being a manager, to sharing screen time with Vince McMahon, to being one of a small handful of women that kept the company’s women’s wrestling division alive during what many fans call something of a low period.

And while she has maintained a semi-regular appearance schedule over the past several years, she hasn’t reached the same heights of in-ring accomplishment as many of her successors.

Because of that, Trish Stratus recently spoke with Patrick Laprade for Montreal’s TVA Sports and talked about the things she still wants to do. And aside from facing Becky Lynch once again, Stratus wants to compete in a roof-less cage match.

“I never had a cage match! It doesn’t matter the type of cage. The one without a roof, a Hell in a Cell, or an Elimination Chamber. There were so many things we weren’t allowed to do back then. I remember I was hit with a chair once and everyone was freaking out. I was like, god, can you just hit me with a chair! So now I want a cage!”

On the most recent episode of RAW, Trish Stratus confronted Becky Lynch and accepted Lynch’s demand for a rematch, though with three conditions. First, she must wrestle Zoey Stark before making it to Trish. Second, she must get on her knees and say “thank you Trish” should she lose. And third, she must also get the word “Thank you Trish” tattooed on her chest.