Nick Khan Addresses Triple H And Vince McMahon Working Together In WWE

Vince McMahon Triple H

WWE President Nick Khan has commented on how Triple H works together with his father-in-law Vince McMahon to run WWE creatively.

When Vince McMahon retired from WWE in July 2022 as the company’s Chairman & CEO, his daughter Stephanie McMahon took over as the Chairwoman while his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over as the Chief Content Officer. That meant that Triple H was the main booker in WWE in charge of the Raw & Smackdown storylines leading to Premium Live Events as well.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly to end 2022 until Vince McMahon returned as WWE’s Executive Chairman to start 2023.

That also led to the April 3rd announcement that Endeavor acquired WWE to become a powerhouse company with the UFC. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon remains in a powerful spot in WWE. Since the transaction took place, Vince had a hand in editing the Monday Night Raw episode on April 3rd, which a lot of fans didn’t like. Since then, the Raw & Smackdown episodes have felt like a Triple H production, but Vince still has his hand in things to some degree.

While talking to LightShed Live, WWE President Nick Khan addressed the Triple H-Vince McMahon working relationship.

“On Monday [April 3], when this deal was officially announced, Vince sent out a company-wide email to our thousand or so employees, including myself, and in the email he laid out the structure of the NewCo. Specifically, he articulated that Paul Levesque remains the sole Chief Creative Officer. Sole. How does that work? Does that mean that technically because I’m in charge of the business side of the business that I don’t seek input from other people. I wouldn’t seek input from Vince McMahon, who created this entire empire? That would be a mistake on my behalf.”

“Paul and Vince, a family relationship, a relationship that spans back to the mid-90s. Paul is in charge of creative. If he wants input from Vince or Vince has ideas that he and Paul are going to communicate, that’s always going to be the case. We’re lucky to have Vince. We’re lucky to have Paul in control of creative. We’re lucky that the set up that Vince created, that the company could continue to exist, even when Vince stepped out for that five month period, the company kept flowing.”

“We think the best organizations are set up that way and that’s the way Vince set up WWE.”

Some wrestling fans may not want Vince McMahon heavily involved in WWE anymore, but Ric Flair wants the “good guy” Vince to remain involved in WWE moving forward.

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