Triple H Rates WWE President Nick Khan As Best Businessman He’s Ever Met

Triple H WWE Performance Center

Triple H has explained why he believes WWE President Nick Khan is a “genius.”

Nick Khan became WWE’s President following the sale of the company to Endeavor. When WWE was merged with UFC to become the TKO Group, he was also appointed to the new entity’s board of directors.

Prior to joining WWE in 2020, Khan was already a well-known figure in the world of entertainment due to his work representing high-profile sports personalities as an executive in organisations like ICM and the Creative Artists Agency. Triple H first met Khan when he enquired about utilising the services of one of his clients, Tim Tebow, for WrestleMania 30. While Tebow ultimately decided against the appearance, Khan kept in touch with The Game.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Triple H praised Khan as the best businessman he has ever known due to his knowledge and insight across the world of sports.

“I’ve never really met a better businessman than Nick that is so intuitive to just what is going on. It was funny, for a few years before the TKO merger where we would do earnings calls and I felt like the investors wanted to know as much of Nick’s opinion as of what was happening to outside sports as what was happening within WWE. His insight is so good, plus it’s funny that he, at one point in time, if you looked Nic up it would be written, ‘Most powerful man in sports’ because he was doing all these massive deals.

“In many ways he’s not a massive outside sports fan. He doesn’t know that much about all these other sports. He does, but you would think he would be so into it, but what he’s really into is combat sports, like boxing, MMA, and what we do in pro wrestling in WWE. I mean, he is just a massive, massive fan of that. Grew up, he was an usher at WrestleMania in Caeser’s Palace, he’s just super into it.

“When I first met him, having that insight from him on all these other business things that we were doing and him giving me his opinion that 99% of the time ended up being dead on, plus him being such a big fan, we just got along amazingly well. Then we were lucky enough to have him come into the company and I’m lucky enough now, I get to work with him every day and get his insight on everything.”

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During the same interview, Triple H praised the latest member of The Bloodline, Jacob Fatu, is a “game changer.” the star made a huge impact on his debut, taking out Kevin Owens and Randy Orton before putting Cody Rhodes through an announce table with a splash from the turnbuckle.

In the aftermath, Cody Rhodes has claimed that he suffered two broken ribs in the assault, although he has vowed to continue competing regardless.

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