Triple H Makes Big Premium Live Event Change To Shape “A New Presentation”

Triple H on WWE Raw

Triple H is forging a new path for WWE…by going in a more classic booking direction.

Ever since Triple H became WWE’s head of creative, things appear to have gone in a more wrestling-focused direction. The word ‘wrestler’ has returned, there has been a greater focus on matches, and storylines appear to be more cohesive and commonsensical.

But perhaps the biggest change has been Triple H’s approach to PPVs/PLEs. Reports have circulated suggesting that WWE will be cutting down on the number of PLEs and there will be a major reduction of themed PLEs, with special matches being used only if the story requires it and not annually on specific gimmick shows.

Although nothing has been fully confirmed, there are new reports that suggest that WWE under Triple H is indeed going in that direction. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer made the following observation:

“Regarding rumors of concept changes in PPVs next year, the only thing we were told was as a general rule there will be less themed PPVs.

The story going around as an example is that no show will be designated Hell in a Cell for example months ahead of time, but that the Hell in a Cell match would be used not on a specifically planned date but when a storyline feud reached the point that a Hell in a Cell match was needed.

But even that in specific wasn’t confirmed, past that story could be accurate as Paul Levesque is trying to shape a new course and a new presentation and he wants to forge ahead not in copying Vince McMahon but in his own direction.”

November will see WWE produce two premium live events with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and Survivor Series WarGames.