Triple H Argues Why Logan Paul’s WWE Run Is Better For Everybody

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Triple H thinks Logan Paul in WWE is a good thing despite all the questions and criticism.

Logan Paul isn’t a full-time WWE wrestler but has been training hard for his upcoming Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns. Prior to this, Paul has only had two matches, which has led some people to criticize the decision to push an “internet celebrity” into such a position.

These questions and concerns haven’t fallen on deaf ears. Triple H addressed the whole Paul situation in an interview with ESPN:

“If you look at it and you say, ‘Well, Logan Paul gets that opportunity, I don’t get that opportunity,’ you have very small, myopic thinking. When Logan gets this opportunity, eventually he goes away or whatever. He is creating bigger opportunities for others. … It’s the bigger-picture thinking. I understand why people think that way ’cause your concern is your career. But the truth is in the overall picture, this is better for everybody.”

Many fans have argued that Paul’s push echoes David Arquette’s in 2000 which culminated with him winning the WCW World Title. However, Paul Heyman, an influential figure in WWE, has noted that Reigns vs. Paul will be nothing like the David Arquette fiasco from WCW in 2000.

WWE Crown Jewel takes place Saturday, November 5th at 12pm ET.