Triple H Has “Approved” New WWE Title Belt

Triple H WWE

The prevailing belief among wrestling fans is that after WrestleMania the WWE and Universal Championships will once again be split and it seems like one of those titles might be getting a makeover or disappearing altogether.

There have been reports for weeks suggesting that the WWE and Universal Titles will be split again following WrestleMania 39 and that could happen as part of a potential draft.

The WWE Championship and Universal Championship were unified at WrestleMania 38 when Roman Reigns defeated WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to hold both titles.

Reports have suggested that Triple H could retire the Universal Championship following WrestleMania as he is not believed to be a fan of the title and now it seems a new belt is ready to go for the company.

WrestleVotes has reported that a new title belt has been approved and could be used now if the company wanted to although it is not clear what championship the new belt will be representing:

“There’s a new belt. I don’t know for sure if it’s getting a new name. I don’t know if one of the titles is going away, but there’s a new belt that WWE has had made and the decision-makers have approved. Like, if they wanted to introduce it on TV tomorrow, they could. Those boxes are checked.”

A key part of Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania story has been about winning the WWE Championship that his father famously held up but never won. Should he dethrone Roman Reigns in Los Angeles, it might be the end for the Universal Title that has become synonymous with Reigns.

h/t GiveMeSport