Triple H Praises Gunther’s Royal Rumble Performance

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The current WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER put on a great performance in the Royal Rumble that earned a lot of praise from his boss, Triple H.

When it comes to Royal Rumble matches, the winner oftentimes gets the glory with good reason because the wrestlers are in the match to try to win, but the winner isn’t always the star of the match.

In the Men’s Royal Rumble match this year, it was Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER that truly had a standout performance.

According to the official match time on, GUNTHER was in the Royal Rumble match for 1:11:40, which is a record for a traditional 30-Man Royal Rumble. GUNTHER started the match from the #1 spot and lasted right until the end when Cody Rhodes, who entered at #30, eliminated him to win the match.

While speaking during the Royal Rumble post-show press conference on WWE’s YouTube channel, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H made a point to say that GUNTHER really stood out during the entire match.

“Sometimes when people look at the Royal Rumble, they just look at the winner. I tend to look at who has the moments that are most spectacular. That’s what our business really a lot of the time is. It’s about those big moments. That moment that catapult’s you to another moment that raises you up to another even bigger moment.”

“There were a lot of people who had moments tonight. Logan Paul and Ricochet. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Cody with the win. But GUNTHER, going in there at number one, with Sheamus which is tough enough because you know you’re going to take a beating.”

“To have the performance that he did, all through that hour [was incredible.] There was never a moment in that Rumble match I feel where you lost GUNTHER. Where he just blended into the background. He stood out the whole thing. He’s a star. He is an incredible talent.”

As he continued, Triple H also spoke about how other wrestlers are constantly praising GUNTHER to him.

“It’s funny how many talents come to me when they walk through that curtain after they work with him, whether it’s briefly or whether it’s a long match, and walk through that curtain and say ‘oh my God. He’s incredible.’ He’s a special talent and he had a big night tonight and I’m excited to see where he can take that. If each moment leads to another, I’m excited to see where he takes it next.”

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