Triple H Allegedly Gave Former WWE Star Memory Loss With Chair Shot

Triple H

A former WWE Superstar is claiming that Triple H gave him memory loss with a chair shot to the head.

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Val Venis is alleging that after Triple H, the current CCO of WWE, gave him a shot to the head with a chair, he lost his memory.

“The Game” has been in the squared circle with loads of superstars over his decades in professional wrestling, and one of those wrestlers featured was Val Venis. On a November 2005 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Venis would face off in a singles bout, and the result would be a Venus win via disqualification. It was ruled a DQ after Triple H slammed him on the head with a steel chair.

Recently making an appearance on “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Venis said that the chair shot that he received from Triple H was the hardest he’s ever taken, and made the claim that it gave him temporary memory loss as a result, right on live TV.

“When I came around and he caught me with that chair, it was one of those things where I don’t remember anything when my eyes opened up for the first few seconds all I could see are lights, people, and a wrestling ring on one side of me. And I don’t know what my own name is. I don’t know why I’m there. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do for about what seemed like forever, but it was only about two-three seconds.”

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