Triple H’s One Demand Of Ronda Rousey On WWE Debut

Ronda Rousey Triple H

Ronda Rousey was surprised by Triple H’s instructions as she made her WWE debut.

Although Ronda Rousey appeared on WWE television back at SummerSlam 2014 it wouldn’t be until WrestleMania a year later that she got physical after being invited into the ring by The Rock.

Fast forward to late 2017 and Rousey officially signed with WWE and was working out at the Performance Center as she prepared to launch a career in wrestling.

The star’s first official appearance under WWE contract came at the 2018 Royal Rumble where she confronted Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

Writing in her new book – Our Fight – available to pre-order now, Rousey recalled being given instructions by Triple H ahead of the appearance. The former UFC star was surprised at how little direction she was given, only being told repeatedly to make sure she pointed at the WrestleMania sign.

Triple H’s large frame filled the small doorway into the bus. He strode over to the table, picking up a pen and piece of paper, and started drawing.

“This is the ring,” he said, pointing to a box he’d sketched out. “This is the ramp,” he said, pointing to lines off the box. “This is what we call hard cam side.” He pointed off to one side of the ring. “This is where the cameras are. This is where the announcers’ tables are. This is where the girls will be. Steph will be here.” I watched as he gestured around the paper. “And here,” he said, stopping as if indicating the X on a treasure map, “here is the sign.”

The sign being the WrestleMania sign. Ever since John Cena had pointed at the WrestleMania sign a decade earlier, it had become an iconic gesture. It says to the crowd that this moment is a key moment. “You’re going to come down here. You’ll walk into the ring. They’ll be here,” he said, pointing.

They referred to the predetermined winner of the Rumble, Asuka, and the two current women’s title holders, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, who she would have the right to challenge for a title shot at Mania as a result of her win. I nodded, waiting for him to go on, but he stopped. “Then what?” I asked. “What do I do? Should I do anything? Do I shake anybody’s hand? What should I do?” Triple H shrugged as if I should know. “I don’t know. Just feel it. Do whatever you want.”

I looked at him. Then down at the paper to see if he had jotted down secret instructions I missed. Then back up at him, my eyes wide. “Feel it?” I asked, incredulous, searching for more direction.

The WWE had orchestrated a multinational effort under a level of secrecy typically reserved for military operations or jewel heists to get me there. He had literally hand drawn me a map. And in the end, I was being sent out there with just “do whatever you want.”

“Stand there,” he said, completely confident. “Take a minute just to register everything that is happening. Whatever you’re feeling, let it show on your face. And then just do whatever you want.” He paused, then added, “Just make sure you point at the sign.”

Ronda Rousey Clashed With Triple H Ahead Of WWE Exit

Throughout the book, Rousey takes aim at the likes of Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard while reserving special praise for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Despite this, her relationship with The Game wasn’t always plain sailing.

In a later chapter, Ronda Rousey recalled losing her temper with Triple H over her 2nd WWE run, claiming the company hadn’t delivered what it promised when she agreed to return.