Triple H “Chuckled” At Thought Of WWE Star Wrestling

Triple H smiling

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has admitted that he had a chuckle to himself when he heard a current star wanted to compete in the ring.

A veteran of the wrestling business, Triple H will have seen and done it all in a career that took him from Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school to the man in charge of the biggest wrestling company in the world.

As the man in charge of WWE’s creative direction, he is the one ultimately responsible for deciding that at Crown Jewel in November, Logan Paul will be the latest man to try and dethrone Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, despite Paul only competing in two matches in his short WWE career.

In an interview with Insider, Triple H revealed that when he found out Logan Paul wanted to try his hand at wrestling he couldn’t help but laugh:

“When it was first brought to my attention that Logan Paul was a huge WWE fan, that they were massively into the product, and had an interest in doing something with us, I have to admit, hey, I chuckled to myself.”

“I thought, if these guys want to come in here, they’re probably going to be like every other celebrity that comes in here with the exception of a few.”

“The first time they hit that mat, the first time they feel physicality, and how absolutely real this is, they would quickly change their mind and realize maybe in the ring is not the place for them.”

The Game admitted that as he saw Paul work out for his opportunity he began to become impressed but it wasn’t until he saw the social media star in the ring that he was blown away:

“Logan was a guy that came in, talked to us about it, and … he put in the work, on the grind. Every day, he was in the gym. I was getting videos and updates about what he was putting himself through to do this. I was impressed. Still skeptical, but impressed.”

“When I saw him in the ring for the first time, it blew my mind. I saw him do it again after that, and it blew my mind. This is a guy who earned my respect. In this business, I do not give my respect very easily. He has earned that while he is here.”