Triple H Called Out By AEW Star Over WWE Social Media

Triple H

The WWE on FOX social media account caused a stir with a post that AEW’s Mark Briscoe took exception to as he brought it to the attention of Triple H.

The WWE on FOX account recently celebrated the trio of Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits following Lashley’s win over Karrion Kross on SmackDown to advance the tournament to find a number contender for the US Title. Sharing a photo of the three WWE stars, the account used the caption “Dem Boyz!”

This caught the attention of many fans as well as AEW star Mark Briscoe who for most of his career teamed with his late brother Jay and they were known to everyone as “Dem Boys.” Jay Briscoe sadly passed away in January 2023 as a result of a car accident and since then his brother Mark has vowed to carry on the Briscoe name in wrestling for both of them.

Mark Briscoe Sends Message To Triple H

Mark Briscoe took notice of the WWE on FOX post and responded with one of his own where he suggested whoever ran the social media account should probably be fired for not knowing what they’d done:

For real?? This sh*t is hilarious. @TripleH, whoever runs this twitter should probably be fired for lack of knowledge. Or they need the taste slapped out of their mouth for lack of reverence

However, Briscoe has since followed up on that message saying that Triple H shouldn’t really fire anyone and that he just misses his brother:

Oh yea, thatsss why I quit posting on Twitter lol. Just logged back on…woww. Some of y’all are wild lol. I just miss my brother, that’s all, and I got a little in my feelings when I seen the Fox post. @tripleh, you ain’t gotta fire nobody, times is tough. Love y’all..take it light people #DemBoysForever

Triple H has not publicly responded to the posts by Mark Briscoe and the post by WWE on FOX is still live.