Triple H In Apparent Show Of Support For AEW

Triple H WWE

Triple H is as WWE as WWE can get but the Chief Content Officer recently caused a stir on social media with an apparent show of support for AEW which quickly disappeared.

Wrestling fans arguing on social media has been around as long as the platforms themselves but one recent take on AEW apparently caught the eye of Triple H.

A Tweet did the rounds where a fan defended AEW in light of recent ratings as well as WWE who do a lot less in TV ratings than they used to despite making more than ever:

“Dude. If they’re doing so poorly, why did Warner just give them another show? Tv ratings are an outdated way to view popularity, in todays world of cord cutting. WWE has less than half of what they got 10 years ago, but are more profitable than ever.”

That Tweet was then subsequently liked by Triple H’s account in what many took as a show of support for the idea that AEW is thriving despite TV ratings not necessarily showing that. The like quickly disappeared but not before plenty of people had noticed.

AEW All In is set to be one of the biggest successes in the company’s short history with over 60,000 tickets sold for the event which surpasses the amount sold by WWE for Clash at the Castle in 2022.