Triple H Addresses The Potential Of Austin Theory

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Triple H is being optimistic about Austin Theory.

Austin Theory was given a massive push that really began in late 2021. He was revealed to have stolen Vince McMahon’s “special egg” to take a selfie with it and somehow Vince took that as a sign of bravery.

In the months that followed (and including at WrestleMania), Austin Theory was given the role of Vince’s handpicked pet project. He shared the spotlight and screentime with the company’s owner and even took one hell of a Stunner from Steve Austin at WrestleMania.

However, after Vince McMahon’s initial departure, Austin Theory’s fate seemed to take a downward turn. He was featured less prominently and began to lose more high-profile matches than he won. And while he’s confirmed for the Royal Rumble match, he doesn’t appear to be topping any major predictions lists or getting any good betting odds.

But it appears that Triple H, aware of these concerns around Theory’s career trajectory, has tried to calm the storm. In an interview with ESPN, Triple H think that there’s hope for Austin Theory, but a part of that involves Theory taking the lead and being proactive in improving things for himself.

“It’s a nuanced feeling… once you see this guy’s a great athlete, I’m looking for their personality, their charisma. Austin Theory has it, and then some. Do I think he has all the potential to be one of the biggest stars in the business? Absolutely. What determines that? A lot of that is up to him now.

You give him little bits of things here and there and he’s improving his game and he’s smart. He listens to the crowd, he listens to the people. He sees all the stuff that’s going on, and he adapts his game on a regular basis.”

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