Trinity Says She’s In “Such A Good Place” At Impact Wrestling

trinity impact wrestling knockouts champion

Trinity is thriving in Impact Wrestling as the Knockouts Champion and she admits she’s in “such a good place” being part of the company.

For nearly two months now, Trinity (formerly known as Naomi in WWE) has been the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. She defeated Deonna Purrazzo for the championship at Slammiversary in July.

At the Emergence pay-per-view last Sunday, Trinity retained her title against Purrazzo in a match that main evented the show.

For more than a decade, Trinity was known as WWE’s Naomi until she left the company with Sasha Banks (now known as Mercedes Mone) in May 2022 due to frustrations with the creative team even though they were Women’s Tag Team Champions at the time. In April 2023 nearly one year after her WWE departure, Trinity decided to join Impact Wrestling.

In an interview with Muscle Man Malcolm, Trinity said she was so happy being in Impact Wrestling.

“I’m so happy and I’m in such a good place. I feel that I’m getting these incredible opportunities and I’m working through them week by week. I feel that my confidence is growing and I’m improving. I’m really excited and feel very fulfilled and rewarding, getting all these different matchups. I think it’s helping me grow better as a wrestler, as a performer, as a competitor having so many different opponents here in IMPACT and learning everyone’s different styles.”

“It’s really been an incredible journey and also to just be away from all that I’ve known in this wrestling world in the way I came in and to just be in something just so different, away from my husband away from, you know, my other friends and support systems. It’s been an incredible journey of growth for me and I’m very happy about it.”

Trinity Has A Supportive Family

In January 2014, Trinity married WWE’s Jimmy Uso after the couple dated for several years. While Jimmy has been on the best run of his career as part of The Bloodline story in WWE over the last three years, Trinity said her family is supportive, but were also shocked at first when she went to Impact Wrestling.

“Everyone’s happy for me, but initially, it was like a shock to everyone. I’m where I am because of where I am, but never did we think, you know, I wouldn’t be with my family. You know what I mean? But I think this is what it takes and where I am and I’m happy with it. I think the good with this entire situation, the good is finally starting to outweigh the bad. I’m grateful. I’m happy.”

As for what’s next, Trinity will defend the Knockouts Title against Alisha Edwards at Victory Road on September 8th. That will be followed by the taping of the 1000th episode of Impact Wrestling on September 9th.