Trinity Says “It Was A Bad Situation But I Love WWE”


New IMPACT Wrestling star Trinity has explained that she still loves WWE despite the situation that saw her walk out of the company in May 2022.

Then known as Naomi in WWE, she and Sasha Banks (Mercedes Mone) stunned the wrestling world when they turned in their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts and walked out of an episode of Raw despite being advertised for the show.

Speaking to Alfred Konuwa of Forbes. Trinity explained why she doesn’t feel anger towards WWE and still loves the company despite her messy exit from the company:

“I don’t ever wanna come off as angry, as bitter, as mad. I don’t feel any of that, you know? I mean, it was just a bad situation, crazy, crazy, crazy situation with a lot of layers to it. But I love WWE. I’m thankful for all the amazing years that I’ve been there, what they’ve given me, what they’ve given to my family, what career I’ve had. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now without that foundation and what I’ve been able to do with them and being there.

“But sometimes there’s hiccups with the business and there’s issues and problems and everything just came to a head, and sadly we had to deal with it publicly. I wish it was something that could have just been handled and taken care of privately. But I definitely think a lot will good will come from the situation and has been coming out of it. I do feel good with where I am right now.”

Trinity made her in-ring debut for IMPACT Wrestling on the 29th of April when she defeated one-half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, KiLynn King.