Surprising Tribute Paid By Goldberg To Legendary Wrestling Family


WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has paid tribute to one of wrestling’s most notable families and two members who helped him out while others wouldn’t.

Goldberg burst onto the scene in WCW in 1997 and very quickly made his way up the ranks of the company building a huge amount of support thanks to quick, one-sided matches that made him look unbeatable.

However, coming into the world of pro wrestling from football, the truth was Goldberg was not as well versed in in-ring skills as a lot of the people he was dominating. But he did have help from some.

Goldberg Shows Love To The Guerreros

Speaking on the Alamo City Podcast, Goldberg paid tribute to the Guerrero family, particularly Eddie and Chavo who were both part of the WCW roster at the time that he burst onto the scene:

That Guerrero family had such a huge impact on me when I was coming up. They would take the time, unlike others, who felt threatened, they would take the time to make sure I knew the basics. Whether it was Eddie or Chavo. Chavo was great with me.

The entire family, I have nothing but fond memories with all of our interactions. In this day and age, a lot of people have ulterior motives. That family never had an ulterior motive, just an effort to make you better than you were before. That, you have to take your hat off to and cover your heart for, and you have to be appreciative that you run into people with such good character.

Goldberg never had the chance to share the ring with Eddie Guerrero but did face Chavo Guerrero twice, defeating him in a US Title defence on Nitro in June 1998.

Goldberg recently made headlines by claiming AEW was “too cheesy” for him to work in. AEW boss Tony Khan responded by suggesting the WWE Hall of Famer had told him he wanted to join the company.

h/t Fightful