Top WWE Star Sends Ominous Warning To CM Punk

CM Punk WWE Raw

CM Punk has a target on his back.

Since returning to WWE at Survivor Series, both Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre have been increasingly vocal about their lack of trust in the star. Both men have remained unconvinced by Punk’s renewed commitment to WWE, pointing to his history of verbally attacking the company after his acrimonious exit back in 2014.

McIntyre has also found himself at odds with Cody Rhodes, a man who he is also yet to clash with on the big stage.

During an appearance on ReviewSTL, McIntyre was asked about the prospect of facing Punk and Rhodes. With regard to Punk, the Scottish star reiterated his mission to keep “prodding at him” in an effort to get him to show his true colours.

“I hope so. That’s two of our top superstars in WWE. Obviously, Cody returned to WWE a couple of years ago and had a big injury, took him out for nine months, but he has really risen to the top of the card as a crowd favorite. CM Punk is the most controversial guy in wrestling, for sure.

He made his return. Seems very positive right now, the crowd is certainly very positive, he’s a huge star. I’m going to keep prodding at him and see if he cracks. Hopefully, if he doesn’t, he gets in the ring with me and I’ll physically crack him. Easy peasy,”

CM Punk WrestleMania Match In Doubt?

It’s long been believed that CM Punk is heading for a WrestleMania showdown with Seth Rollins where the pair will finally settle their differences. Rollins was incredibly outspoken against Punk even before the star returned to WWE, famously dubbing him a “cancer,” and the jabs haven’t stopped since Survivor Series.

However, there are growing fears that Seth Rollins’ knee injury could be more serious than previously believed. The World Heavyweight Champion has also been removed from a number of upcoming live events, although remains advertised for the Royal Rumble.

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