Top NJPW Star Wants To Change Appearance Of Major Title

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One top NJPW star wants to change the look of a title he calls a “failed project.”

Forbidden Door saw Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega go to battle for the IWGP United States Championship that Omega had captured from Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom 17. The bout lasted over forty minutes and was heavily praised by fans and critics alike as an instant classic. In the end, Ospreay was victorious, regaining the championship and putting their rivalry to bed for the time being.

Speaking in a press conference following night three of the G1 Climax, Will Ospreay spoke about the title he currently holds, calling it a “failed project” and claiming he wants to remove all references to the United States from the belt.

“I will not lie to you guys. I’ve done a lot of rehabbing with this belt. This belt was worthless. To me, this is a failed project. This championship was designed to be over in the United States of America? Why is it in Japan? This championship should be everywhere in America, being defended on their soil.

“But now, I’m in charge of this belt, and I am gonna make this championship worthy. I’m gonna make this championship the most desired and wanted championship ever. Seeing as everybody’s doing what they want in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, I’m gonna do what I want. I’m gonna try and chisel away at this [United States symbol] and get this flag off this f*cking belt. I’m gonna do everything I can to get this f*cking flag off this belt.

“In theory, this should be the Intercontinental Championship. I know I can’t get it back, but everyone seems to be doing what they want in this f*cking company. Everyone seems to be doing what they want. I’m just gonna do what I want. I’m gonna change this belt.”

h/t Fightful