Top MLW Star Requests Release

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One of the biggest names in MLW has asked for his release from the company, according to a new report.

It has been reported by Fightful Select that former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone has asked for his release. It was also reported that MLW doesn’t intend to grant Hammerstone his release.

Hammerstone, who is 31 years old, has a current deal with MLW that apparently runs through the end of 2025 meaning there are over two years left on his deal. Hammerstone’s contract in MLW is a monthly guarantee that adds a pay per event.

The report from Fightful notes that Hammerstone’s relationship with MLW “has become frayed.” Hammerstone hasn’t been told specifically if the release will be granted or denied.

Earlier this year, there was a discussion about a buyout brought up, but it didn’t happen. The company apparently believes that Hammerstone lost his motivation when he lost the MLW World Title to Alex Kane back in July of this year.

In an interesting development on the situation, while Hammerstone remains under contract to MLW, Fightful noted that he wasn’t featured on their most recent roster page update. That’s obviously something that could change.

Fightful adds that MLW wants to keep Hammerstone because they wanted to keep their investment since he’s a top star in the promotion in the prime of his career. There is a belief that Hammerstone indicated to MLW that he was burned out earlier in the year.

As things stand now, there’s an impasse between the two sides. Hammerstone hasn’t worked for MLW since July. It’s not known when Hammerstone will work for them again since he’s not currently booked for any shows in the future.

Alex Hammerstone has held two singles titles in his MLW career

At 31 years old, Alex Hammerstone would likely be a hot commodity if he became a free agent. Companies like WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling/TNA and others would likely be interested. As a main event player in MLW with a decade of experience in pro wrestling, the 6’1″ and 250-pound Hammerstone has the look of a star. That’s why MLW has put multiple titles on him.

The first title that Hammerstone won in MLW was the MLW National Openweight Championship on June 1, 2019. Hammerstone held the title for an incredible 865 days and never lost it. Hammerston was forced to relinquish the title when he won the company’s World Heavyweight Title.

That MLW World Heavyweight Title reign for Hammerstone started on October 2, 2021, for 644 days, which is the second longest title reign in company history.

For now, Hammerstone remains under contract with MLW, but that is a situation that could change in the future.