Tony Schiavone Announces His Son Matt Works For AEW

tony schiavone aew

Tony Schiavone has revealed some personal news about his son getting a job working with him at AEW.

When AEW launched in 2019, Tony Schiavone was one of the main announcers in the company and he remains in that role over three years later. Schiavone can be regularly heard on Dynamite and Rampage while he also conducts interviews with wrestlers as well.

Schiavone is a very experienced wrestling announcer going back to his days in the NWA in the 1980s, he had a one-year run in WWE and then he became the lead voice in WCW until the company was bought by WWE in March 2001. After that, Tony was out of the wrestling business for a long time until he was back with a major promotion like AEW.

On a recent episode of AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, Tony revealed that his son Matt works for AEW as well.

“I’ve really kind of wrestled with even mentioning this, but I’m going to, we have just hired a brand new producer to help us backstage. It’s a producer who’s had 15 years of network TV experience, and really knows what he’s doing. I really wrestled with even wanting him to come to work for us, and it’s my son, Matt. He will start as a producer in Jacksonville, and as this thing airs, it’s already happened. He had such a good job, but he just like us, just absolutely loves pro wrestling and wanted to do it. I went, ‘Matt, are you sure? Because it’s freaking crazy back there!'”

Tony also shared that his son used to work for Fox News and that Matt’s role in AEW will see him working closely with Sonjay Dutt, who is a Producer in AEW.

“Tony (Khan) told me, he said, ‘Well, I’m not going to have him work under you.’ I said, ‘Good.’ He said he’s going to work with Sonjay.’ Anyway, I’m very proud of him. Maybe we can get him on to talk to us some time because he’s got a lot of experience. He worked for Fox News in New York City, as a producer there, so we’ll see. To go from Fox News, and news [in general] the pro wrestling, it’s two completely different things. But it’s still TV. It’s still trying to put on a live show.”

H/T Fightful