Tony Schiavone Shares His Picks For The Best Announce Teams In Wrestling History

Tony Schiavone Shares His Picks For The Best Announce Teams In Wrestling History

Tony Schiavone, a seasoned announcer with a storied career in the world of professional wrestling, recently took a trip down memory lane during an episode of his popular podcast, “What Happened When.”

The focus of the episode centred around a broadcast of “WWE Prime Time Wrestling” from May 1989, a time when Tony Schiavone was actively involved with WWE as an announcer and behind-the-scenes talent. It was during this podcast that the topic of the greatest announce teams in wrestling history was fervently discussed, shedding light on Schiavone’s personal picks and insights.

I think the most iconic two-man broadcast team is Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Schiavone remarked, acknowledging the undeniable impact of Ross and Lawler as the main announce team for WWE during the peak of the Monday Night War era and beyond. Notably, Schiavone himself held the position of main play-by-play announcer in WCW until the promotion met its end in 2001.

Schiavone didn’t stop there. He also lavished praise on Gorilla Monsoon, a prominent figure in wrestling commentary, and his various colour commentator partners over the years.

You could put [Bobby] Heenan and Gorilla [Monsoon] next, and I even put Gorilla and Jesse Ventura up there because they were basically the big play-by-play guys for the main WWF shows back then, but those are like number one and two, to me.

Schiavone explained, showcasing his deep appreciation for the contributions of these legendary pairings.

It’s worth noting that Schiavone himself had the privilege of working alongside Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Jesse Ventura during his brief stint with WWE from 1989 to 1990. He continued to collaborate with Ventura and Heenan throughout the 1990s in WCW.

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