Tony Khan’s Kindness Taken Advantage Of Says AEW Star

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is “learning on the fly” while some people have taken advantage of his kindness says one AEW star.

Tony Khan has had a baptism of fire in the wrestling business as the President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling. The company has had an unprecedented start to life in its first five years but it has not been without its challenges.

Khan has had the high of bringing CM Punk back to the wrestling business followed by the low of having to fire Punk less than two years after he made his debut in the company. The company has also had to deal with the loss of Cody Rhodes and more recently Jade Cargill to WWE while it also had to cope with the tragic death of Brodie Lee in late 2020.

Speaking on his Extreme Life podcast, Matt Hardy discussed Tony Khan’s leadership in AEW and says that while Khan is learning as he goes, he’s also been forced to learn from people taking advantage of his kindness:

“Yes, I mean, I think it has happened in the past for sure. But you know, I think once you go through those experiences, you learn from them and I think Tony has done that.

“I mean, he’s learning on the fly. This whole thing is a huge, huge responsibility to be a wrestling promoter, booker, run a company, especially with all the other stuff he has going on. So yeah, he’s learning on the job while he’s doing it. I’m sure there’s been people that have taken advantage of his kindness, but he will continue to learn and grow and he will be able to get past that, I’m sure. going forward.”

Tony Khan slammed as “childish” by WWE star

One person who doesn’t think Tony Khan has been very kind recently following his controversial comments made after the NXT/Dynamite head-to-head is Booker T.

The NXT announcer questioned Khan’s leadership and slammed his social media comments about The Undertaker and John Cena’s appearance on WWE’s show as “childish.”