Tony Khan Wants Sting At AEW All In 2024

Tony Khan hugs Sting on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan has big plans for Sting, even after he retires.

Sting has announced that he’ll call time on his legendary career at AEW Revolution in early 2024, even if a date for the show hasn’t been announced yet.

Speaking in an interview with BBC West Midlands ahead of tickets for All In 2024 going on sale, Tony Khan discussed the legend’s retirement tour. The AEW boss added that he wants Sting to be involved at Wembley Stadium despite him being retired by that point.

“I think it’s incredibly important for us to make sure Sting gets a great send-off. He absolutely deserves it. He’s a legend in wrestling, with decades of experience. Sting is beloved, and I’m very excited about Sting’s retirement tour, which has embarked. He’ll be finishing up at Revolution.

Of course, Sting was a huge part of the original AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. When Sting came out to Metallica, what a moment. ‘Seek and Destroy’ will be something that will live on in perpetuity in the video library as a great moment. I hope Sting will come.

He’ll be retired at that point, but I hope he’ll still come be an ambassador because he’s in many ways AEW’s greatest legend, and I think he’s one of wrestling’s greatest legends,”

Tony Khan Gives No Comment On CM Punk

During the same interview, Tony Khan was asked about CM Punk’s shocking return to WWE at Survivor Series. Khan said he didn’t want to discuss the status of his former World Champion, adding that he’s actually legally prevented from doing so.

Punk was fired by Khan back in September after a backstage altercation took place at AEW All In.

It’s since been reported that Bryan Danielson headed up the disciplinary committee that recommended Punk’s departure.

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