Tony Khan Claims He Tried To Host FTR Vs. The Briscoes In AEW But “Literally Could Not Do It”


Owner Tony Khan recently spoke about using FTR in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

A lot of fans of professional wrestling consider AEW to have the most loaded roster in terms of quality talent out of any other wrestling promotion in the world, including sports entertainment giant WWE. However, the loaded roster has also hurt AEW, where they have found themselves struggling to get all of their wrestlers on television programming consistently.

Before the pay-per-view event, Tony Khan took part in an AEW Full Gear media call, where he would talk about FTR and their usage in his brand, saying that he has showcased the famous tag team several times. Tony Khan also stated that he tried to book a match on AEW that would see FTR take on The Briscoes, but nothing could work out on that front.

“I got asked earlier in the call about FTR, well FTR have wrestled on pay-per-view a few times this year as the Ring Of Honor tag team champions and at Forbidden Door, they actually won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships and became Triple Crown champions where they hold three world titles in the world of pro wrestling in which I have a pretty big influence frankly.

Tony Khan continued:

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to showcase [FTR] and now being able to have another platform to showcase one of one of the best teams in the world to an audience that clearly really appreciates them. To the point I made earlier in the call, Ring Of Honor allowed me to feature a damn pay-per-view main event that was one of the best main events of the entire year in FTR vs. Briscoes 2 out of 3 falls, in a match that I literally could not do in AEW, and believe me I’ve tried.”

H/T Fightful Select