Tony Khan Touts Business Success Of ROH Relaunch

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has touted the success of Ring of Honor and says the gross amounts ROH shows have brought in have almost reached what he paid for the company.

In the spring of 2022, Tony Khan stunned the wrestling world when he announced live on AEW Dynamite that he bought Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting.

Since then Ring of Honor talents and titles have appeared on AEW television while ROH has held two pay-per-view events under their own banner with a third – Final Battle – taking place on the 10th of December 2022.

Speaking on the Battleground Podcast Tony Khan revealed that Ring of Honor has been quite the financial success since he took over:

“I saw somebody saying they thought there was too much Ring of Honor on Dynamite and I thought that was amusing because there’s almost been no Ring of Honor on Dynamite in recent weeks, other than Chris Jericho and frankly, Chris Jericho should be on any wrestling show in the world he wants to be on.”

“So, on Rampage though, we have had a variety of them and new wrestlers and I think that’s going to be good for our business because these pay-per-view shows that Ring of Honor has done has been really successful for us. We’ve made good money and the grosses of those shows frankly have been in line with what I paid for the entire business.”

“So, I would say it’s been a very successful relaunch and now I think we’ll have, potentially, some of our best pay-per-view numbers yet with Final Battle, especially with such a big, headline world championship match like Chris Jericho versus Claudio Castagnoli in a high-stakes Ring of Honor World Title match and that is going to cap off what is going to be a huge week of wrestling for us here at AEW.”

h/t POSTWrestling