Tony Khan “Going To Do The Right Thing” By The Briscoe Family

tony khan ring of honor roh

AEW and Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan is “going to do the right thing” following the death of Jay Briscoe according to podcast mogul Conrad Thompson.

The wrestling world was united in grief when on the 17th of January Tony Khan announced the death of Ring of Honor Hall of Famer Jay Briscoe (Jamin Pugh). Tributes flooded in for the star and a fundraising page was set up to help the family in the wake of the tragic loss.

Speaking on What Happened When – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Conrad Thompson explained that from what he’s heard Tony Khan, who kept The Briscoes in ROH after he bought the promotion, will make sure Jay’s family is taken care of:

“I don’t mean to betray any confidences, but let me say this. There is lots of rumors and innuendo from really good sources that Tony Khan is who we thought he was and he’s going to do the right thing by that family as well.”

“I don’t think he would necessarily want anybody to know that information, and I know it’s not your [Tony Schiavone] place to talk about it, but I will say that for all the criticism that gets thrown around ‘Tony this, Tony that.’ When the chips are down, he’s a dude.”

Thompson’s co-host AEW announcer Tony Schiavone then explained that despite the pressure of working for Khan, it’s worth it because of the person he is:

“Tony is very demanding of a boss, and it makes, at times, the week very difficult, but wrestling has always been difficult. There’s never been ease. Tony can be very demanding, as a boss can be, but because he’s such a great person and such a genuine person and loves the wrestling business and takes care of his people, it’s worth it working for him.”

“It’s worth the stress that we go through getting the show on, because of the person that he is. I know a lot of people give Tony a hard time, but the people who give Tony a hard time online are, as human beings, not worth a f*ck.”

The most recent update regarding Jay Briscoe’s daughters who were involved in the car accident that claimed his life is a positive one which you can read here.

h/t Fightful