Tony Khan Addresses “One Of The Best Days In AEW History”

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has taken to Twitter to thank the fans for helping AEW celebrate a major accomplishment.

Tony Khan has a penchant for making huge announcements and for making regular posts on Twitter to stay connected with his fanbase. These two things appear to be pivotal to his success as a promoter, especially given the details he shared earlier today.

Earlier today, wrestling fans were given the ability to pre-book tickets for AEW All In 2023, which is the company’s massive Wembley Stadium show scheduled for later this summer.

While the show is being promoted as the biggest in AEW history, some have questioned whether the company can sell enough tickets to fill the ~90,000 venue, or at least sell enough tickets to turn a profit.

Aware of these concerns, Tony Khan posted on Twitter that, as of 4pm EST on May 2nd, approximately 36,000 tickets were sold for All In for a total value of £3.8M ($4.7M).

“Today’s one of the best days in @AEW history.

Thank you to all buying #AEWAllIn tickets today, off to an AMAZING start already 36,000 sold for £3.8M ($4.7M) + we’re only getting started, more great seats are going on-sale!

Let’s celebrate TOMORROW on Wednesday Night.”

The card for All In 2023 has yet to be announced.