Tony Khan Says ROH Adds Value To AEW

Tony Khan at AEW media scrum

Tony Khan has shared an update on his negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery.

When Tony Khan purchased Ring of Honor in March 2022, many expected the promotion to land on one of WBD’s many broadcasting arms. However, that never came to pass.

During the ROH Final Battle media call, Khan was asked by Jon Alba about ROH’s status and how it’s viewed by WBD. In response, the AEW boss talked up his relationship with WBD and the value added by Ring of Honor.

“We’ve had really good talks with Warner Brothers Discovery, had a great visit with them today and we have a really exciting relationship that has grown a lot over the years and has expanded for AEW. Ring of Honor is still a third party in the relationship and is a company putting on really exciting wrestling and is peripheral to the conversation right now. It offers a lot of value to AEW and to a media company.

There is a lot of interest in ROH and some of the most exciting wrestling and stories and some of the best events in ROH history are happening now.

It’s really awesome that ROH has healthy options and very complimentary for myself, my family, and our business interests, the ROH media rights and the massive library and IP are there and accessible to us as we pursue new media rights for AEW in 2024 and we also have the additional value of the ROH library with the AEW library that has conitnued to grow. Almost 200 episdes of Dynamite, well over 100 episodes of Rampage, and an exciting half-year of Collision,”

Eric Bischoff Calls On Tony Khan To Cut And Run On ROH

While Tony Khan is feeling positive about Ring of Honor, Eric Bischoff recently delivered a far more scathing assessment of the promotion. Bischoff said that Khan had made a mistake in purchasing the company, adding that if the promotion was a horse he’d have it put down.

Furthermore, the WWE Hall of Famer said there was “no solution” that could improve ROH’s fortunes.

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