Tony Khan Explains Running PPVs On Back To Back Weekends

tony khan aew promo suit

Tony Khan has explained his mindset for running AEW All In this weekend while also doing All Out next weekend.

The biggest show in AEW history will take place today as All In London will fill up Wembley Stadium with 80,000+ fans for one of the biggest pro wrestling shows ever.

What is interesting about All In taking place on Sunday, August 27th is that it takes place just seven days before AEW’s next pay-per-view, which is All Out on Sunday, September 3rd in Chicago.

At this point, All Out only has a few matches advertised for it while All In was obviously a bigger priority with 11 matches announced and over 40 wrestlers in featured matches on the show.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Khan gave an elaborate answer about doing All In and All Out on back-to-back weekends.

“It’s a fascinating setup that we have coming for fans with All In and All Out. The opportunity to do AEW All In at Wembley Stadium presented itself. Wembley had the date available, it’s a bank holiday weekend, and it’s been the perfect storm of business success. It was the right date and the perfect location for AEW All In this Sunday at Wembley Stadium. That perfect date also happened to be one week before the perfect date to do a pay-per-view in Chicago. It’s a three-day weekend in England for All In, and then it’s a three-day weekend in America for All Out.”

“That’s by design. That is really valuable live-event real estate in Wembley Stadium and that Labor Day weekend at United Center that we have for All Out. Both shows, as live events, are wildly profitable to begin with.”

Tony Khan Thinks That Holidays Benefit Pro Wrestling

As he continued, Tony Khan cited the ticket sale success of All In and All Out as well as the importance of running wrestling shows on holiday weekends.

“People have asked if I’m crazy for doing pay-per-views on back-to-back weekends. But when you look at the ticket sales for the two events, we’ve already created huge profit margins for both events purely on ticket sales. And the pay-per-view is going to be the cherry on top of both events because we sold so many tickets to both events. So I believe the live-event real estate for those weekends is so valuable. And because those are such big live events, people are going to want to see them on TV, because those are the shows that sold a lot of tickets.

“The bank holiday weekend in England and the Labor Day weekend in Chicago, that’s really valuable pro wrestling real estate in terms of the box office that I had no intention of giving up. And when I booked the Wembley show, I knew that that meant I had to keep All Out in Chicago as well, because we have a great tradition there that I’m going to keep going forever.”

If you need info on how to order AEW All In on PPV, check out AEW’s website for info on how to watch it in your country. There are different options depending on where you live.