Tony Khan Addresses Possibility Of Adding More AEW Titles

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has responded to a question about the possible addition of yet another championship in All Elite Wrestling.

At AEW Worlds End on December 30th, Eddie Kingston won the Continental Classic tournament by beating Jon Moxley. The reward for winning the tournament is that Kingston gets to carry the ROH World Title, NJPW Strong Openweight Title and the brand new AEW Continental Championship. Kingston is now the first-ever AEW Triple Crown Champion who will likely carry around those three titles everywhere he goes.

Anybody who watches AEW shows knows that the company has a lot of titles itself (nine in total if you count the FTW Title), plus six more titles on the ROH brand and other promotions like NJPW and AAA have their titles featured in matches as well.

While speaking at the AEW Worlds End press conference, Tony Khan was asked about possibly adding Women’s Tag Team Titles to AEW. There are currently the AEW Women’s Title and TBS Title for women to compete for, but adding Women’s Tag Team Titles would give women’s wrestlers more to do.

“It’s something I think would be great. We’ve definitely shown we can expand our programming and certainly some of the best matches and most exciting rivalries we’ve ever had in the women’s division in recent weeks and months. Julia Hart as the TBS Champion is at the epicenter of that, absolutely, I think that would be tremendous and something I’m very open to doing and it would be great.”

“There are a lot of great tandems, some that are active right now that would be great, and some that haven’t teamed in a while that could be great for that. There are a lot of great opportunities there and something to keep an eye on.”

It’s not known yet officially if AEW will be adding Women’s Tag Team Titles or if Khan is simply supporting the idea when the question was asked to him.

Tony Khan Thanks Fans For Supporting Five Years Of AEW

New Year’s Day was the fifth anniversary of AEW being announced, so Tony Khan went on his beloved Twitter/X to thank the fans for supporting the company.

The first episode of AEW Dynamite in 2024 takes place on January 3rd. A recent report regarding Mercedes Mone (fka Sasha Banks in WWE) has suggested that she might be signing with AEW very soon and that could mean her AEW debut as soon as the first episode of 2024. Tune in to Dynamite to find out if it happens.

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