Tony Khan On Possibility Of Mercedes Mone At AEW WrestleDream

Mercedes Mone

Tony Khan addressed speculation surrounding Mercedes Mone after she appeared at AEW All In.

In the aftermath of the overwhelming success of AEW All In inside Wembley Stadium, it was announced that All Elite Wrestling would be adding another pay-per-view to its growing schedule. On October 1st, the company will present AEW WrestleDream in Seattle, WA. The show will take place on the first anniversary of Antonio Inoki’s death, and Khan noted that the show will pay tribute to the Japanese icon. Tony Khan also noted he’s been in touch with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is hopeful of some of its stars being part of the event.

With NJPW holding a show in Korakuen Hall on the same date, many of its top stars are unavailable for WrestleDream. However, fans have begun to speculate about a potential appearance from former IWGP Women’s Champion Mercedes Mone after she was shown on camera multiple times during All In.

Speaking in a media call ahead of the upcoming All Out pay-per-view on September 3rd, Tony Khan had high praise for Mone, calling her “one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet.”

“I think one of the great stars that’s been involved in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, who I have a ton of respect for is Mercedes Mone and I think we have a good relationship and I also think she is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet and it was great to have Mercedes Mone at AEW All In.”

Tony Khan Says It’s Unlikely Mercedes Mone Wrestles At AEW WrestleDream

When asked specifically whether plans are in place for Mone to return to the ring at WrestleDream, Khan admitted that he didn’t expect her to be ready for that show as she’s recovering from a serious ankle injury. However, he says he’s very interested in working with the star in the future, backing up reports that she is expected to debut in AEW once she’s cleared.

“I’m not expecting that because she had a major injury, but when she is clear, that’s somebody we’re really interested in working with and also she’s had great experiences in New Japan. She’s been a great champion there.”

h/t Inside the Ropes