Tony Khan Calls MJF “One Of The Most Dislikable People”


Tony Khan thinks those that don’t like AEW World Champion MJF are in for a treat when he gets taken to school at Revolution by Bryan Danielson.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is better than you and you know it, but chances are you’re more likable than the current AEW World Champion, with not even his boss being a fan of his abrasive, braggadocious, and smarmy personality.

Speaking on K&C Masterpiece, Tony Khan explained that while The Salt of The Earth is great in the ring, there’s not much to like about him as a person – and given their history, he might be telling the truth:

“He’s one of the most dislikable people there is. He elicits that emotion for a lot of people. He’s a very challenging personality and very hard to work with, but he’s a great professional wrestler. We saw it last week, that incredible match to kick off Championship Fight Night on Dynamite.

“MJF is a great wrestler, he showed it out there one-on-one against (Konosuke) Takeshita. It’ll be the ultimate test for a champion, for a pro wrestler, on March 5 at Revolution, in the main event, a 60-minute Iron Man match when MJF goes one-on-one with the greatest technical wrestler in the world, maybe the greatest technical wrestler of all time, ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson.

“MJF, if you don’t like him, get ready to see him get put through the ultimate test of punishment. We’ll see what kind of wrestler and champion he is. Knowing, as a fan, you’re going to see Bryan Danielson wrestle for 60 minutes, what a treat.”

h/t Fightful