Tony Khan Reveals Major AEW Owen Hart Cup Change

Tony Khan AEW

Owen Hart will be celebrated once again in AEW but now Tony Khan has raised the stakes for the tournaments that bear the late star’s name.

In September 2021, AEW announced the launch of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, also known as the Owen Hart Cup. The tournament features men’s and women’s brackets, and the first winners were crowned at Double or Nothing in 2022.

On that occasion, it was Adam Cole and Britt Baker who won their respective tournaments, while Willow Nightingale and Ricky Starks took the honours in 2023 in Hart’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

According to a report from the Calgary Herald, the finals of the 2024 tournament will take place in Calgary on July 10th. As usual, Owen’s widow, Dr. Martha Hart will be on hand to celebrate with the winners. In discussing the tournament with the Herald, Hart said she trusts AEW to properly honour her late husband’s legacy.

To highlight, promote, and honour Owen’s wrestling legacy. We are now working together to ensure that legacy continues.

Tony Khan Raises Stakes Of AEW’s Owen Hart Tournaments

On the pre-show for Double Or Nothing, Tony Khan appeared with Dr. Martha Hart to reveal that this year, and for the first time ever, the male and female winners of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments will receive AEW World Title shots at AEW All In on August 25th in Wembley Stadium. Tony Khan also confirmed the Calgary Herald’s report as to when the finals of the tournaments will take place.

Swerve Strickland and Toni Storm are still currently the respective AEW World and AEW Women’s World Champions but whether they will be the ones to face the tournament winners in London remains to be seen.