Tony Khan Ignored “Leadership” Email From Ex-WWE Star After All Out 2022

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All Out 2022 was the professional low point for AEW as their EVPs got involved in a backstage fight with the World Champion leaving Tony Khan an almighty mess to clean up.

CM Punk was not a happy man after All Out 2022 despite recapturing the AEW World Title as he let rip at several of his colleagues in the post-show media scrum before ending up in a fight with The Elite in the locker room area.

Everyone involved in the fight was suspended while an investigation was carried out and while The Elite has since returned to AEW, CM Punk is yet to. Although it is believed that Punk’s return will coincide with AEW launching its new Saturday night show in the summer.

With everyone seemingly having a view on the events of All Out and how they were handled by all sides, former WWE star EC3 revealed he reached out to Tony Khan after the debacle with some advice of his own. Speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 noted that he never got a reply from Khan although he makes clear that he definitely wasn’t looking for a job:

“I emailed Tony. Not at all with the intent to get a job, that’s how I led off the email. It was when all the initial Punk and Young Bucks and all that thing went off. Just cause I thought he might be a guy who lacked anybody that would just… he doesn’t have a close relationship with to tell him something.

“It was just an inspirational, leadership message, because in theory, I do believe we need as much competition as possible for the sanctity of the industry. So I sent a hopefully inspirational message on leadership and what it takes. I’ve never heard anything back.”

In the aftermath of the events of All Out, it was widely reported that Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and Jon Moxley stepped up as ‘locker room leaders’ with Jericho described as a close confidant of Khan.

h/t Wrestling Inc.