Tony Khan Names The Greatest Thing AEW Has Ever Done

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan believes that the best thing AEW has ever done involves a match that took place in the company’s fifth year.

The first All Elite Wrestling PPV of 2024 was called Revolution and it took place on March 3rd in Greensboro, NC. The build up to that show was great because AEW announced months in advance that it would be Sting’s final match.

Going into the match at Revolution, Sting had a record of 28-0 in AEW and he was one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions with Darby Allin. They faced The Young Bucks in the main event that night and of course, Sting got the win to finish his career with a 29-0 record in All Elite Wrestling.

Tony Khan is AEW’s Owner, CEO & GM who also books the shows, so it was his call to have Sting win every single match he had in AEW. All of those matches were tag team matches with Allin as his partner as well.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Tony Khan said that he thought Sting’s retirement was the best of All of Wrestling.

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done in AEW, in my opinion, is the retirement of Sting and the way we handled Sting’s final years as a pro wrestler. He had one of the greatest careers ever in wrestling and when he arrived in AEW, he did not feel that his prior run had been what he was looking for.”

Tony Khan Believes Sting Had Best Send-Off In Wrestling History

As he continued to speak about the end of Sting’s career, Tony Khan did his best to explain why Sting’s AEW farewell was the best way any wrestler has ever retired in pro wrestling.

“When he had previously competed in WWE, I don’t think he had a great experience with WWE. He was looking to do something very different. When I first talked to Sting, he was interested in having a comeback, but I don’t think Steve [Borden] ever imagined it would lead to a three-year run in wrestling that would become legendary. It is an immortal series of matches.”

“Sting was undefeated in his arrival, teaming with Darby Allin in every match. The two of them came together to be the most successful team in the history of AEW. They had some of our best matches ever, some of our biggest moments, and it built to them becoming the AEW world tag team champions.”

Sting’s final match, Sting and Darby vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution, was, in my opinion, the greatest sendoff ever in pro wrestling. Sting deserves that because he’s one of the greatest wrestlers ever, and we were very lucky to have him in AEW.”

While Tony Khan is known for pushing the positive aspects of AEW, the company did get some bad news this week when it was reported that they got a record-low television audience this week for their signature show Dynamite.