Tony Khan Dismisses NJPW Speculation

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Tony Khan has addressed rumours regarding New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Khan provided the voiceover on a promotional video for the upcoming WrestleDream pay-per-view, an event put together to honour the life of Antonio Inoki. One quote that raised eyebrows was Khan stating that this pay-per-view will “end a chapter in wrestling history and begin a new era in AEW.” With fans unsure as to what this exactly means, there are rumours circulating that Kahn has acquired the Japanese promotion.

Khan was asked about the rumours while appearing on the media call ahead of WrestleDream. Khan would not confirm or deny the rumours but made it clear he wants to continue the partnership with New Japan:

“I’m a little surprised at how that speculation picked up and the, specifically, the transactional nature of it. We have such a great partnership right now and we’re doing such great things with New Japan Pro Wrestling. I was a little surprised to see that. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed working with New Japan since nearly two years. We’ve had two great Forbidden Door events and we’ve sent a number of top AEW stars to Japan to wrestle on Wrestle Kingdom and top shows.

We’ve worked together in the US. There are people in AEW who have helped develop New Japan and people from New Japan who have helped develop AEW or Ring of Honor. I want to continue that partnership for a very long and right now we have something very good going. I’m a little surprised by the speculation, I don’t know where it came from. It’s probably a good time to have a lot of speculation on the eve of WrestleDream, and I’m glad we got a lot of people talking, certainly that one video, with all the great clips of Mr. Inoki and top stars of today, I thought it got people talking and it was a positive thing,”

Khan currently owns All Elite and Wrestling and Ring of Honor, acquiring ROH in March 2022.

Tony Khan Wishes Jade Cargill Well

With the news of Jade Cargill departing AEW for WWE a few hours before the media call went underway, Khan was asked about his thoughts on the recently departed wrestler. Khan was very complimentary about the news and said that the door would always be open.

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