Tony Khan Considering Launching AEW Streaming Service

Tony Khan in AEW

Tony Khan may be looking to create a Network of his own for AEW.

AEW boasts a massive roster of over 100 male wrestlers and over 30 female wrestlers. Some of these wrestlers have history in Ring of Honor, which has now become a subsidiary of sorts for AEW.

And with Tony Khan being so adamant about promoting the ROH brand alongside AEW, he appears to be looking to enter the streaming service business.

Even though ROH has the Honor Club service and some older ROH matches can be watched for free on YouTube, an article from Bloomberg covering Tony Khan has shed light on the promoter’s interest creating an AEW version of the WWE Network:

“In March [2022], Khan acquired the small but respected pro wrestling company Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. for an undisclosed sum, adding a new crop of wrestlers, some intellectual property and an extensive video library.

AEW is also considering starting a streaming service, likely through a deal with its broadcast partner, Warner Bros. Discovery Inc., according to a person familiar with management’s thinking, who asked not to be named.

Last year, AEW broke $100 million in annual revenue for the first time, the person says.”

Currently, AEW does not have a streaming service that allows its fans to watch older matches again, and their official YouTube channel includes mostly highlight packages and videos of promos, but not matches in their entirety.

h/t Fightful for the transcription