Tony Khan Confirms Changes To AEW’s Pay-Per-View Schedule

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has lifted the lid on upcoming changes to AEW.

In 2023, AEW made significant changes to its pay-per-view schedule by running eight events across the year. This expansion saw the creation of WrestleDream and Worlds End, with All In debuting under the AEW banner at Wembley Stadium.

Following rumours that more events could be added in 2024, Tony Khan has confirmed that fans can expect to see at least one more PPV in 2024.

During a media call ahead of Revolution, Khan was asked by Dave Meltzer about AEW’s schedule and he confirmed 2024 will see nine and potentially even ten events.

“I could see this year being nine to ten. Nine is probably a good sweet spot. It feels like that’s about the right number. I don’t want to make a huge change or increase, but definitely, eight was incredibly successful and I don’t want to do anything totally different, but I do see an opening for nine, probably, and maybe ten.

Nine feels like a great number for us, in particular when you also consider I put on three Ring of Honor streaming events annually, that puts AEW doing our nine strongest events plus the ROH’s three strongest events,”

Tony Khan Expected To Announce AEW Dynasty

The comments from Tony Khan come after it was reported that AEW Dynasty will debut in April.

The company recently filed a trademark for “Dynasty” and it’s believed that the pay-per-view or TV special could be on the way.

Interestingly, there’s currently a gap in the All Elite schedule between April 3rd and May 1st, with no events announced between those two dates.

There is no word on the potential location for the event, only that those within WBD expect an April show to be announced.

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