Tony Khan Comments On FTR’s AEW Future

FTR Dax Harwood Cash Wheeler

AEW President Tony Khan has given his thoughts on the AEW future of FTR with the tag team set to take some time off with their contracts up soon.

FTR was the tag team of 2022 in the wrestling business as they held the AAA, ROH, and IWGP Tag Team Championships. They also had a number of critically acclaimed matches over the year with a trilogy of matches with The Briscoes over the ROH Tag Team Championship all achieving five stars or more from Dave Meltzer.

Dax Harwood recently shed doubt on the team’s future in AEW following the team losing all of their titles. Harwood noted that he and Cash Wheeler will be taking time off from the company and confirmed that their AEW contracts will expire in April.

Speaking on the In The Kliq podcast, Tony Khan discussed the team’s future in AEW and says he wants to see them healed up and back in the company:

“I do hope to see FTR back. They do need some time to recover from what was one of the most intense years of wrestling any team’s ever done — the schedule they went through, all the different places they worked.”

“So I think, for those guys, we wanna see them back in AEW and wanna see them heal up and come back at 100 percent. We’re really looking forward to that, hopefully. I think they’re a great team and would love to have them back.”

Tony Khan was recently the subject of conversation for WWE CEO Nick Khan who says the 40-year-old AEW CEO “seems like a nice kid.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.