Tony Khan Addresses AEW’s Future As Media Rights Negotiations Loom

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has opened up about AEW’s “amazing” relationship with Warner Bros Discovery.

AEW’s current deal with Warner Bros Discovery expires at the end of 2024, making the upcoming 12 months huge for the promotion. To add further spice to the situation, WWE is currently working on a new deal for Raw, after it was announced SmackDown is heading USA, and NXT to the CW Network in October 2024.

It’s also been reported that WWE Raw could even land with Warner Bros Discovery — the home of its main rival.

During the Worlds End media call, Tony Khan was asked about WBD and the upcoming negotiations.

“We have a great relationship with Warner Bros Discovery. It’s amazing now. We’ve been talking to them for several years and this coming weekend marks the five-year anniversary of the launch of AEW. We announced the formation on January 1, 2019 and here we are, days away from the five-year anniversary of that.

Warner Brothers Discovery has been an indespenisible partner throughout this journey. I’m very excited about the future of AEW and excited to work with Warner Brothers Discovery throughout 2024 and going forward after that, there is going to be a lot of exciting conversations about AEW media rights.

It’ll be a very exciting year and a lot of things are going to happen. We have a great situation with Warner Bros Discovery and it’s been a great year for that partnership.”

Tony Khan Comments On Interest In Ring Of Honor

Khan added that while he can’t be certain about what the future holds, there has been “a ton” of interest in both Ring of Honor and AEW.

“We’re under an exclusive agreement. I can’t say what the future of AEW will hold for certain, but I know there is a lot of interest in pro wrestling, and judging by the market, I’ve had lots of interest in Ring of Honor, which I’m holding and looking forward to having an extra card to play later in the coming year in such negotiations.

Knowing there is a ton of interest in ROH and that product from outside parties, and knowing there is far more interest in AEW, multiple times more, and far greater rights fees for AEW in the future, it bodes well in the market knowing there will likely be a lot of suitors for AEW. We’ll find out for sure as we get closer to the end of the year.

I have to say, it’s really great working at Warner Brothers Discovery, and if anyone came in, it would have to be a heck of an offer because we have a great thing going here and it’s a great place to be. I do value the relationship.”

AEW is set to hold Worlds End on December 30th, while the card is due to be topped by the AEW World Title clash between MJF and Samoa Joe.

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