Tony Khan Admits He’s A Sicko

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan had a unique way to describe himself while promoting All Elite Wrestling shows.

When it comes to using social media, AEW’s Owner, CEO, General Manager, and booker Tony Khan does whatever he can to promote the shows. Whether he’s announcing matches for upcoming episodes of AEW programming or acknowledging “justified” positive chants from the crowd, Tony feels that his social media usage benefits the company.

Some people will criticize Tony Khan for his social media usage by saying he goes too far at times, but that’s what happens when you run a major wrestling company, which is regarded as the second big wrestling promotion in the world right now.

AEW’s next pay-per-view event is the Forbidden Door PPV on June 30th which they will co-promote with New Japan Pro Wrestling while also featuring stars from the CMLL promotion in Mexico and other organizations.

While commenting on Twitter/X about who he books wrestling shows for, Tony Khan made it clear he’s doing it for the sickos, which is a positive name for hardcore wrestling fans like himself.

I book wrestling for the sickos because that’s what I am and that’s who I care about. #AEWDynamite#AEWRampage#AEWCollision#ForbiddenDoor

Tony also gave a shoutout to the “bots” that he likes to refer to as people who attack him on social media.

As Tony Khan also pointed out later, the “sicko” line is from the 1990s movie “Tommy Boy” starring Chris Farley and David Spade.

Tony Khan Believes That Penta Will Remain With AEW

It was reported recently that former AEW Tag Team and Trios Tag Team Champion Penta El Zero Miedo could become a free agent in the coming months.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that Tony Khan believes that AEW will be able to keep Penta on their roster rather than let WWE or another company sign him.

“Penta was unhappy some time back when he wasn’t allowed on shows with CMLL talent, but to a degree that looks like it’s been worked out. Tony Khan indicated he was confident Penta would stay with the promotion.”

“Others have said Penta was looking at buying the rights to his name, to make sure he could take the gimmick to WWE if necessary. The belief in other circles is Penta is looking at exploring his options when his current deal expires.”

As AEW continues to build to Forbidden Door, this Saturday, June 8th they’ll run Collision from Council Buffs, Iowa as Tony Khan and company do their best to impress the “sicko” fanbase.