Tony Khan Addresses Potential ROH Weekly Show

Tony Khan AEW

After All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Full Gear pay-per-view event, Tony Khan spoke about multiple topics at the post-show media scrum, including television programming for Ring of Honor (ROH) — Khan said that the promotion deserves better than just being streamed on YouTube.

Tony Khan, who is the owner of AEW, purchased ROH earlier this year in March. Since doing so, he has on multiple occasions talked about bringing a weekly TV broadcast back for the company. Ring Of Honor has two pay-per-views under its belt, and the championships have been fought for on AEW TV, but the future of a weekly show has been cloudy.

WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard asked Tony Khan during the media scrum about the potential of a weekly ROH program on YouTube so the promotion can consistently have a presence. Khan stated there’s a number of options that they have, and that the company’s pay-per-views are valuable, saying that the buys have stayed the same since buying the brand.

“I’ve definitely considered a lot of options, but I think it would be hasty when there are other options out there, to jump into something. It’s a pretty valuable property. For example, even the pay-per-views, for an AEW pay-per-view, it would be 25% or so of what you might get for an AEW pay-per-view or less than 25%.

Say a number like 35,000 buys, at the pricepoint for Ring of Honor, which is also a lower pricepoint. On the one hand, for AEW, it’s not bad revenue, but on the other hand it’s not something I see cannibalizing the AEW pay-per-view product because the AEW pay-per-view buys have been pretty stable while we’ve done the Ring of Honor pay-per-views.”

You can watch the AEW Full Gear media scrum in its entirety here:

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