Tony Khan Addresses “Hangman” Adam Page Concussion Recovery

Hangman Adam Page AEW World Champion

Tony Khan has addressed the recent situation surrounding “Hangman” Adam Page.

The October 18, 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite featured an AEW World Championship bout between the current champion Jon Moxley and the challenger “Hangman” Adam Page. However, referee Paul Turner would be forced to stop the match when it was realized that Page had been injured. Assisted by both Turner and Doc Sampson, it came to a conclusion that Page wouldn’t be able to get continue the match.

Afterwards, Page would be taken out of the ring with a stretcher, ultimately being revealed later during the night that he had suffered a concussion, confirmed by the Tony Khan-led company.

Partaking in an interview with First Coast News, Tony Khan spoke out regarding the injury of “Hangman.”

“He’s doing really well, I talked to him just in the past 24 hours, and also saw him not long after he was officially cleared and saw him after he came back, not long after we took him to the hospital and he got out. It was great to see him in good spirits that night. About 90 minutes after he got hurt, he was smiling and feeling pretty good. That’s about as fortunate as we could be given that he got knocked out in the match.”

Tony Khan continued:

I thought the doctors and the referee handled it really well. That’s what you have to do in a big fight. If one of the fighters is hurt, you need a referee that is going to come in, do the right thing, and stop the fight. The doctors took care of him, got him out of there, I thought Jon handled it well in his interview. He was very classy after and once they safely got Hangman out of there, we saw going forward it’s going to be Jon Moxley vs. MJF.”