Tommaso Ciampa Returns On WWE Raw

tommaso ciampa wwe

After a lengthy layoff due to injury, Tommaso Ciampa made a triumphant return on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Tommaso Ciampa made his return to the ring on the June 19th edition of Raw in Cleveland. The Miz was in the ring running down the city of Cleveland, which is where is from, and he issued an open challenge on Raw. That’s when some familiar music hit as Tommaso Ciampa made his return after nine months on the shelf.

It was reported earlier on Monday that Tommaso Ciampa was at Raw. He has also been backstage at past WWE shows of late, so it was well known that he was going to make his return.

Ciampa has been out of action due to having hip surgery, which required a lengthy rehab process for the former NXT Champion.

When Ciampa got into the ring, The Miz thought that Ciampa was there to reunite with him because they were allies in the past. Instead, Ciampa went into the ring, punched The Miz and called for the referee to start the match.

They would go on to have a physical match with The Miz getting plenty of offense after Ciampa was in control in the first couple of minutes.

When The Miz went for a double axhandle off the top rope, it was a big mistake because Ciampa hit him with a rising knee. Ciampa followed up with the Fairytale Ending for the pinfall win.

There was also a point in the match where they were fighting on the floor with Ciampa yelling about how Miz never reached out to him in the last nine months. That was clearly a key storyline point because announcers Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves mentioned it a few times.

As for what’s next, there have been rumors that Ciampa will reunite his #DIY tag team with Johnny Gargano. They are considered by many to be one of the best NXT tag teams ever.