TNA Legend Wants To See Six-Sided Ring Return

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A legendary TNA wrestler would support the return of the six-sided ring that the company used to be known for.

It was announced last weekend at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory PPV that the TNA (Total Nonstop Action) name was returning in January 2024.

It’s a sense of nostalgia for the 21-year-old wrestling company that has undergone several changes in its history. In 2017, they decided to go with IMPACT Wrestling as the name of the brand, but they are going back to being TNA next year.

The return of TNA will see them bring back the familiar colors of the past, but they won’t be using a six-sided ring due to wrestlers not liking it as much as the regular four-sided ring. TNA had a six-sided ring to differentiate itself from WWE and other wrestling companies.

Booker T is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who worked for TNA from November 2007 for about two years until late 2009. During his TNA run, Booker was part of the legendary Main Event Mafia group while also holding the Legends Championship and he was a Tag Team Champion with Scott Steiner as well.

On his Hall of Fame radio show, Booker T explained why TNA should use the six-sided ring again.

“They should. They shouldn’t stray away from TNA or the six-sided ring. When Hulk Hogan came in they went away from the six-sided ring. I don’t know if it was for his benefit because he felt more comfortable wrestling in a square ring, but when I was asked about what my thoughts were about it I go, ‘Well, Hogan ain’t going to be wrestling in the ring much at all anyway, so it shouldn’t matter.’”

“It’s the same way I felt when I was in TNA. The six-sided ring did it. Did I like it? I’m gonna tell you right now, no, I didn’t like the six-sided ring. But the one thing I thought also, the six-sided ring wasn’t for me. It’s for these young guys to do all of this stuff, jump off and do their flips and that’s what it was about, as well as the identity of TNA from its inception.”

Booker T says TNA’s six-sided ring “didn’t have a good feel”

As he continued, Booker T explained how TNA’s six-sided ring felt.

“It didn’t have a good feel. It didn’t have a good sound to it. You know, even with the acoustics, it didn’t really have that good of a sound. But then again for me, I could work in it because I wasn’t going to be doing a whole lot. I wasn’t going to be jumping off anything; everything that I was going to be doing in the ring, I could do it without hitting the ropes.”

“I wasn’t going to be bumping much at all. I might take a few rolls here and there, I might have fallen a couple of times, but I wasn’t going to be taking a whole lot of bumps.”

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