TNA’s Joe Hendry Song Surges Into UK Download Charts

Joe Hendry TNA

Joe Hendry is one of TNA’s most popular wrestlers who just so happens to be a talented singer with a hit song.

It was on August 29th when former TNA Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry’s theme song I Believe In Joe Hendry was available to be streamed and downloaded worldwide.

That song by Hendry is a catchy one that TNA fans know well, and now it has reached an even bigger audience. The song quickly shot near the top of the UK song charts in the days after it came out. The song also did well in other markets like the United States and Canada as well.

At the end of the busy week, Hendry’s catchy tune was at #4 on the Official Singles Downloads Chart on May 3rd. It also reached #6 on the official UK sales chart.

On Twitter/X, Hendry thanked pro wrestling fans for their incredible support.

Official UK Chart Numbers 4. Singles Downloads Chart 6. Singles Sales Chart As verified by @officialcharts! Thank you Pro Wrestling Community!

Some of the major names in music who trail Hendry on the UK charts this week include Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

During his TNA career, Hendry has come up with a number of different songs about his rivals in the company. One of the most memorable songs was called “Edge’s B**ch” about Matt Cardona. However, Hendry has had a different target in recent months.

Joe Hendry Mocks AJ Francis & Rich Swann On TNA Impact

On TNA Impact from this past Thursday, Joe Hendry continued to mock the First Class duo of AJ Francis & Rich Swann. Hendry appeared in the ring with a guitar and sang a song called “Can You Please Get Fired?” to the tune of “Higher” by Creed. The TNA fans loved it and joined in on the song.

Congratulations to Joe Hendry on the success of his “I Believe In Joe Hendry” song. You can check out the song below.