Tiffany Stratton Wants Match With WWE Legend

Tiffany Stratton with the Money In The Bank briefcase

Tiffany Stratton is shooting for the stars.

At Money in the Bank, Tiffany Stratton enjoyed the biggest night of her career as she claimed the Money in the Bank contract. The former NXT star grabbed the win after launching Chelsea Green from the top of a ladder through two tables at ringside.

The match was chaos from start to finish with all six women taking an incredible amount of punishment in pursuit of victory.

After the match, Stratton ended up bumping into Trish Stratus who had been hosting the show. Although they only traded barbs briefly, it seems the confrontation left an impression on the rising star.

During the WWE Money in the Bank post-show, Stratton was asked about facing Stratus, and she said she was ready to get in the ring with the legend.

“Listen, those are two different generations. Trish, Trishy, Trishy Time, she is one of my idols in professional wrestling, and I am ready to get in the ring with the GOAT,”

The comments from Stratton come after Trish Stratus laughed off suggestions she’s retired, joking she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Tiffany Stratton Apologies For Jade Cargill Controversy

Ahead of Money in the Bank, Tiffany Stratton said sharing a video featuring a racial slur was an “honest mistake.” Stratton briefly posted the clip featuring Jade Cargill on her Instagram stories back in May before quickly deleting it.

Stratton denied knowing the audio was in the video, claiming she deleted it as soon as she became aware.

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