Tiffany Stratton Happy To Have Won Fans Over

tiffany stratton wwe

Tiffany Stratton has reflected on her recent swell of crowd support.

After impressing in NXT, Tiffany Stratton officially joined SmackDown in February 2024. But it wasn’t until Elimination Chamber in Australia that her career really took off. During the women’s Elimination Chamber match fans continually sang for Stratton even when she wasn’t involved in the ring.

Those reactions have continued over to events in the United States, something the star has found incredibly reassuring.

Speaking in a new interview with Fightful, Stratton recalled being surprised by the support she received at Elimination Chamber.

“Honestly, I was shocked when everything happened in Perth. I was not expecting it to really carry over to the United States. When it did, I was like, ‘Oh, wow. This is really reassuring for me.’ I think getting called up, it’s a little scary. I’m from NXT. I’ve never really been involved in RAW and Smackdown. It’s so reassuring to me to see that I’ve already won the fans over.”

No Heat On Tiffany Stratton

Despite social media rumours, there is reportedly no heat on Tiffany Stratton within WWE.

The speculation began after Stratton allegedly posted a video on social media of her hitting Jade Cargill in a match, with a racially insensitive comment layered over the top. It should be noted that the audio in the alleged post was from a meme and not recorded by Stratton.

However, despite speculation she’d been pulled from the May 17th edition of SmackDown, there are no issues between the star and WWE. Furthermore, management continues to see Stratton as a performer with a “very high upside.”