Thunder Rosa Sends Warning To AEW Rival

Thunder Rosa making her entrance in AEW

Thunder Rosa has delivered a fierce warning to fellow AEW star Deonna Purazzo.

Former AEW Women’s World Champion Rosa issued the threat threat to her foe having prevented Purazzo from continuing a vicious assault on Robyn Renegade following a bout on AEW Rampage.

The tension has been ramping up between the duo after Purazzo turned on her former friend during the 27th April edition of AEW Rampage and the duo are on a collision course for a huge match up in the near future.

Speaking during a recent AEW digital exclusive, Rosa warned Purazzo that she could no longer avoid stepping into the ring with her:

“So Ms Purrazzo, it seems that you like to play a lot of games, right? It seems that you enjoy doing this hide and seek. I thought those Jersey girls were tougher than that little girl.

Growing up in Tijuana taught me a lot. We don’t have time to play those little games. You either thrive or fail. You either survive or you die. I don’t know if you know, but I’ve been already dead, so you can’t kill me.

The time is coming up for you, sister. No more hide and seek, no more games. I don’t run away from any fight, because a lot of people believe in me, and they believe in what I stand for, and I don’t stand to be a coward like you.

So, Miss Deonna Purrazzo, you should face your demons, and the one demon that you should start facing is me. So, tick tock, time is up.”

Top AEW Star Requires Surgery

Whilst Rosa and Purazzo are on a collision course for battle, one AEW star who could soon be missing from in-ring action is Bryan Danielson.

‘The American Dragon’ has revealed that his doctors have recommended him for urgent surgery due to constant shooting pains in his arms.

H/T: Fightful for the above transcription.