There’ll Be More Cuts In WWE Says Dave Meltzer

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WWE recently swung the axe again in their corporate offices but Dave Meltzer thinks there is still more bad news coming for WWE employees.

WWE let go several senior vice presidents in recent days following over 100 WWE employees being let go after the Endeavor takeover of the company was completed.

This also came at the same time as one NXT star was also let go as uncertainty over people’s long-term future in the company remains.

Could More Cuts Be Coming In WWE?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer delved into the people who had been let go by WWE and believes that if Endeavor is following the same playbook as when they took over UFC, more cuts are still to come:

They cut five senior vice presidents. They’ve cut Michael Whites who’s on all the conference calls. The investor’s conference calls every quarter. And I figured the last investment conference call was completely different. I mean, there was no Nick Khan. Nobody really from from the WWE standpoint, it was recently Ari Emmanuel and Mark Shapiro. They’re handling the business.

So most of the people who were cut were from the business and it was the redundancy thing. They already have people in Endeavor for the jobs, Craig Stimmel, who was the head of Global Sales. I’m sure they got plenty of people there. Karen Mullane, who was the chief accounting officer, and then Stuart Fry, who was the senior vice president of streaming technology, and Matt Geyer, who was the senior vice president of gaming. They were some of the key people who were cut.

Michael White’s been with the company for probably 17 years. And always on those calls going through everything. I mean, no surprises, like I said, when the deal went through, I mean when the UFC deal went through there were no sacred cows. I mean, they cut a lot of people in who built that company from an organisational standpoint. And, you didn’t know who was gonna get cut and who wasn’t going to get cut and a lot of major people got cut. And same thing here and when they did the last round of cuts they said there’s gonna be no more cuts.

There’ll be more cuts. Once they examine things and everything like that, yeah. I haven’t seen the stock price since they did the cuts, but I guess we’ll see that in a couple of days.

The Endeavor takeover of WWE is the subject of a lawsuit with former WWE stockholders calling the process “a sham.”

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